District 2 is the heart of Atlanta.


From Candler Park to Downtown, Old Fourth Ward to Midtown, Poncey-Highland to Inman Park, our neighborhoods, people, and history are the heart of the city. Our diversity, talent, creativity, and passion keep Atlanta vibrant and lead us forward. Yet, as we look to the future, we have more work to do to make our city all that it should be, including: 

  • Preserving housing affordability for new and long-time residents;
  • Promoting density while protecting our leafy neighborhoods; 
  • Improving accountability and service from City Hall through better use of technology, proactive, helpful service, and a culture of transparency and trust
  • Using city assets and collaboration with APS to strengthen our education system, including more early-childhood education;  
  • Leveraging our technology, creative, and university talent; and
  • Focusing on the details that will make our city among the world's most livable like: 
    • new sidewalks and a built-environment that favors walking,
    • well-placed and protected bike infrastructure,
    • more transit,
    • synchronized traffic lights and safe crosswalks;
    • public art that inspires wonder and reflection;
    • safe streets in every neighborhood; and
    • the ability to age in place with dignity.

Atlanta's irrepressible optimism is unmatched. Our capacity for collaboration is unparalleled. We have an opportunity to harness these attributes to better meet our city's needs through bigger thinking, higher standards for our communities, and purposeful action to bring our district and city to its full potential. 

I hope you will join me in working to strengthen our neighborhoods and city. Together, we can make the heart of Atlanta beat vibrantly, for everyone, for many years to come.