Working Families

As the product of a middle class upbringing in metro Atlanta, with two parents who worked selflessly for decades at Georgia State and Morris Brown College educating others in order to provide for Amir and his brother, Amir is keenly aware that cities are full of hardworking people from all backgrounds. He believes that Atlanta is at its best when its ambition provides not just job growth but also opportunity for all and respect and dignity for those who build lives here.

Whether it is quality public education, access to health care, safe streets, or clean, vibrant neighborhoods, Amir wants every Atlantan and those who work to make Atlanta run to have a place here. Moreover, those who work for or in the City should be able to build a life here and retire here.

Amir will be a voice for fair wages, including a higher minimum wage and benefits for city workers that match market-driven cost of living increases, access to pre- and after-school support and programming for working families, community benefits agreements for neighborhoods, and job growth and opportunity that benefits as many residents of the District as possible.