As someone who grew up in Metro Atlanta and who spent much of his life watching traffic get worse with insufficient investment in transit, Amir knows from his own experiences here and from living in and visiting cities with strong transit networks, that in order to thrive as we grow, Atlanta must change how people move around the region. Cars will be a major part of our transportation network for decades to come. Yet, this should not prevent us from adding ample transit to reduce congestion, promote development, maintain air quality, and ensure the suburbs can thrive along with the city. Moreover, we should reexamine our zoning and land use policies to promote density, reduce parking requirements, and design for all types of mobility.

As our next City Councilmember, Amir will work to:

  • Increase transit options, including MARTA train and bus routes and new streetcar lines that serve District 2 smartly;
  • Ensure it is safe to bike and walk throughout the district;
  • Drastically increase the number of miles of bike lanes and trails throughout the city, alongside $5 million in annual dedicated funding to close gaps in the existing bike lane network and increase bike lane safety; 
  • Support transit-oriented development at MARTA stations and long future transit nodes;
  • Improve the quality of our roads and synchronize traffic lights;
  • Increase access to bikeshare, transit, and good sidewalks for low-income and disconnected communities; and
  • Call for the formation of a Department of Transportation at the City to better coordinate, plan, and execute the City's transportation needs.