Sidewalks are a public asset and should be maintained and repaired by the City. As our density increases and residents have the ability and desire to walk more places, we must ensure that our sidewalks are safe, clean, and well-designed.

A parent pushing a child in stroller, a citizen out for a walk, or a senior trying to get to the bus, shouldn't have to worry about tripping and falling on broken sidewalk. Our city deserves sidewalk infrastructure befitting of livable, world-class city.

As our next City Councilmember, Amir will work for, among others:

  • A full inventory of sidewalks and crosswalks in District 2, and elsewhere in the City;
  • A city ordinance that removes Public Works’ authority to bill property owners for repairs to sidewalks;
  • A minimum amount of $20-25 million, from the City's Public Improvement and Infrastructure Account or the City's general fund, dedicated to sidewalk construction, maintenance, and repair, each fiscal year;
  • A City budget that includes specific funds for sidewalk repair in District 2 neighborhoods; and 
  • Sidewalks that are protected and accessible during construction.