Equity, Inclusion, & Equality

Atlanta's history and success is built on inclusion and fighting for equality. Yet, we cannot rest on our laurels. Our city must continue to bring everyone to the table, welcome everyone, and ensure opportunity for everyone who lives here.  

As our next City Councilmember, Amir will be voice for, among others:

  • Ensuring the City of Atlanta remains an employer with robust and broad non-discrimination policies in hiring and contracting; and maintains health care and other benefits for families, partners, and individuals of all backgrounds and orientation;
  • Affordable housing for working families and individuals, both above and below Area Median Income; including policies that do not discriminate against HIV+ individuals in search of housing.
  • An Atlanta Police Department that adopts best practice training, action, and service for LGBT, minority, and immigrant residents and visitors;
  • City and community decision-making that brings as many interested parties to the table;
  • An environment and policies that welcomes and supports immigrants;
  • A communicative relationship with Fulton County and non-profits so that social services are delivered to all residents in need; especially those who are aging in place;
  • Transportation infrastructure, including transit and bike accessibility, that connects jobs, health care, groceries, green space, and housing for all income levels;
  • Work with developers and neighborhoods to facilitate strong community benefits agreements (CBAs);
  • Explore a framework that formalizes neighborhood-driven, city-moderated CBAs for all developments in the City over $100 million and that receive significant public investment or assistance; and
  • Appointed city government leaders that are top-notch and reflect the gender, ethnic, age, and other diversity of of the city.


We must treat all residents, whether they have a home or not, with dignity and service. Amir will work with Fulton County, the police department, social service organizations, and Atlanta Public Schools to address homelessness and aggressive panhandling in the District. Our quality of life depends on improving the quality of life of those who are less fortunate; being firm where laws are broken but compassionate where help and support can transform a life.

As our next City Councilmember, Amir will:

  • Advocate for a smooth transition to other facilities for those served by the shelter at Peachtree and Pine streets;
  • Explore the possibility of "Housing First" development with free housing for chronically homeless individuals with the added element of, once stable, reconnecting these individuals to family and assisting with drug dependency, job training, and mental health challenges;
  • Call for humane but firm enforcement of public urination, drug trade, and public indecency violations;
  • Work with Fulton County and social service organizations to get mental health assistance to those in need; and
  • Support pre-arrest and pre-trial intervention programs that can reduce homelessness.