Design & Development

Details matter. Design matters. Public space matters. How we feel on the street matters. How we choose to grow matters.

Great cities are marked, in part, by the attention they give to how people move throughout a city, how to make buildings and space attractive and efficient for people, and how they create space for people to interact with one another and build and create their businesses and ideas. They are fundamentally great places to live first. They also inspire us and make us feel safe and alive. While principles of urbanism are part of this, so too is attention to detail like uniformity of signage, aesthetics of our buildings, space for outdoor physical activity, and the quality of materials used for our public spaces.

The City's Department of Planning and Community Development has taken remarkable, foresighted steps with the ATL City Studio and city design efforts to ensure we develop boldly and humanly with attention to our history and people. These efforts should be championed and supported.

As our next City Councilmember, Amir will, among others:

  • Call for more city planners and code enforcement in the city's budget;
  • Convene some of the world's best architects, our City's best architects, and our most forward-thinking developers to explore the big ideas for how we move toward excellence in our design and development;
  • Push for zoning changes that allow for less parking, by eliminating and/or reducing minimum parking requirements, in areas where density and walkability are desirable;
  • Protect Atlanta's tree canopy;
  • Call for higher quality design in commercial and residential development and preservation of older buildings where feasible;
  • Work to ensure it is possible to walk safely on good sidewalks and crosswalks anywhere in the District;
  • Be a champion of street level retail, bike facilities, public art, and active public space;
  • Promote affordable housing; and
  • Be a voice for more transit options, especially east west transit that connects the east side to the urban core.

Public Space

Great cities have ample, safe, beautiful, and thoughtful public spaces. From parks to walking paths, city plazas to playing fields, public space matters in how we identify with and live in a city. 

While we have an increasing number of wonderful, world-class public spaces, we must continue to ensure that Atlanta's public spaces are among the best.

As our next City Councilmember, Amir will:

  • Explore pedestrian-only zones and "super blocks" that are for pedestrians only at certain times of the day;
  • Support Central Atlanta Progress's and Midtown Alliance's "Stitch" initiative to begin to cap the connector with park space;
  • Advocate for inspiring, enjoyable, and enlightening design of our public spaces;
  • Push for increased greenspace and facilities to to explore, exercise, and play;
  • Be a voice for strong public safety presence and enforcement in our parks;
  • Work with developers and funders to ensure great public art;
  • Call for new developments to contribute with excellence to the public space that surrounds them;
  • Ask of our public space: 
    • Is it comfortable?
    • Is it inspiring?
    • Is it useful and accessible?
    • Is it safe for everyone; no matter age, race, sexual orientation, special needs, or gender?
    • Will space be used in multiple ways? Will it be used throughout the day?
    • Would people want to meet others and spend time in the space?
    • Are we proud of the space?