City Services

Atlanta must strive to serve its residents with professional, prompt, and proactive service. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fall short.

To be a city that delivers great service, we need to pay more attention to the details. A street sign that is askew needs to be righted. A crosswalk that is faded needs to be repainted. A phone call to the city needs to be answered with a smile and problem-solving mindset. The permit process needs to be efficient and transparent. Vehicles that park in bike lines need to be ticketed. Sidewalks need to be protected and accessible during construction. Streets need to be repaired and traffic lights synchronized. Technology needs to be leveraged to make the city more accessible and responsive and reduce the cost of service delivery.

As our next City Councilmember, Amir will focus on these details and work to improve city services, including:

  • Digitization of city services - We can use technology to, for example:
    • create 3-D maps of underground infrastructure so our roads are not repeatedly torn up and patched over by utility companies;
    • monitor vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic to improve mobility at key intersections;
    • alert drivers to open parking spots;
    • ensure trash crews only visit trashcans that need service;
    • connect city departments to one another so that actions and implications are fully communicated and considered; and
    • ensure residents easily submit and can monitor service requests from start to finish.
  • Improved customer service by ensuring city workers feel proud to work for the City and in their role in making the economic and cultural center of the South run.

  • Increased speed and efficacy in problem-solving for residents. 

  • Calling for powering City operations with 100% renewable and/or clean energy by 2035.

Fiscal Responsibility

Amir understands that fiscal responsibility is of vital importance to a successful City. It is one thing to promise the expansion of services and new projects; it is a more challenging thing to do so while ensuring the city's budget remains balanced. Amir will call on his experience managing a growing $30+million national non-profit as well as his experience on non-profit and school boards to be a voice for balanced and responsible budgets. As District 2's next City Councilmember, Amir will make difficult budget choices, hold city agencies accountable, and work to get the most out of your tax-payer dollars.