Amir believes that our economic success as a city requires a robust creative class, from filmmakers to sculptors, digital innovators to musicians. Atlanta has one of the nation's most robust and successful creative ecosystems. Our cultural and economic might is, in significant part, due to our creatives. The City should do what it can to ensure that creatives can flourish and build a career here. 

Moreover, studies have shown that residents are more attached to their communities and communities are more economically successful where there is ample public art and great aesthetics. The arts help a city's built environment cause joy, reflection, and inspiration. They lead us to love our city.

Amir believes that our neighborhoods, plazas, and parks should come alive with public art. Our creative work is both who we are and who can be. It also fills our lives with meaning, context, and pushes us to see the world in new ways. And, it should be accessible to all. 

As our next City Councilmember, Amir will work for:

  • The passage of an Atlanta CREATES! Act that: supports and incentivizes development of affordable housing for creatives; direct InvestAtlanta to ensure that traditional economic development tools, such as incubators and grant programs, support the arts industry; and creates an artist-in-residence program at the City; 
  • A "percent for art" ordinance that both sets aside and collects 1% of City-funded construction projects be spent on public artwork and that 1% of the construction cost of private development, receiving any public assistance, be set aside for on-site public art;
  • An equitable and inclusive dedicated funding stream for the arts organizations in the City;
  • An increase in funding for the arts from City of Atlanta's Office of Cultural Affairs;
  • Fractional equity housing opportunity for artists who live in certain developments as well as dedicated artist-housing in select neighborhoods; 
  • Artist eligibility for Housing Opportunity Bond and Beltline Affordable Housing Trust Fund; 
  • An artist-in-residence at the City; 
  • Public art that reflects and celebrates inclusion and equity; and
  • Public recognition and support for artists and their positive impact on Atlanta's culture, economy, and reputation.